You're finally here. I hope you're ready. Inside this site you'll find everything you need to get a feel for my work, both artistic and commercial. You'll see pretty things, racy things, stern things, wonderful things....

Here you'll find a repository of my work over the past 8 years, and all that happens forward.  News, contact information, rates, projects, and perhaps a blog or video now and then. My web home here is being developed over the next several months, so check back to see how fantastically things are going.






Portraits are at the core of BilbyPhoto. I began my professional career by exploring my personal fears and limits: that is, dealing with real people. I reasoned that it was much more difficult to take great photos of subjects that could emote, challenge, intimidate, this is what I did exclusively for the first 4 years of my career. Now after several more, I feel confident with my ability to interact meaningfully with a subject or client, and get the energy that comes only from careful interaction.

Develop your legitimate strangeness. Rene Char



We get to know you, your style, mood, need, phobias, philias...and fuse those together using color palette, body language, micro-expressions, and environment.
Portraits done at BilbyPhoto always have that signature look of unknown motives, thoughts, and desires of the subject in their prominence. You'll get a portrait that blends us and you, one like no other.

Objects are the backbone of's my fancy name for products, whether for sale or for commemoration. This includes any items in your business, from your home, from your studio, or for your company. We strive to impart a magical beauty to those things we all desire, and those things that maybe don't automatically seem so desirable. We want to see you shine.

We strive to impart a magical beauty to those things we all desire.



Product photography is an art, and it requires retouching, correct lighting, removal of reflections and brilliant or seamless backgrounds. When I say we want you to shine, we want to present those cherished items in the best possible light. Usually big, pretty studio lights....Whether you have one thing you'd like to preserve in photographic memory, or 1000 you need to appear in your catalog, we get them looking pristine, and corectly colored every time.

Let's be honest, although when we think of 'great photography' we probably don't envision a new Tesla Hybrid or an impossibly succulent food product on a drive-through window, those photographs that work for companies to manufacture desire and pique our interest are great photographs, great commercial photographs. We understand how to embellish, polish, beautify, and glorify your image, your product, your building, or your brand. We can help you refresh your images, or create entirely new ones. We love to clean up and revitalize businesses that already have it going on.

We aim to bring NYC-grade photography to the Southeast - and beyond.



Whether you need headshots, photos for magazine features, id badges, or your smiling face on a billboard, we are excited to help you achieve that level of professionalism that you and your business deserve. We've helped numerous local and international clients both establish and augment their images and brand, from everyday content to definitive images, we aim to bring NYC-grade photography to the Southeast - and beyond.


If you'd like to contact me about projects, rates, bookings, technique, prints or anything photograph-ey under the sun,

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Pricing varies from project to project, but below is general guideline for average pricing. Some variables include location, travel, number of edits, usage, and time frame.


Contact us for specific details.




3-6 hours


Single session


7-12 hours




1/2 Day and 5 images


Full Day and 15 images



BilbyPhoto is my professional commercial and advertising photo endeavor. It's hopefully not the first you've heard of me, but perhaps the best you've heard from me. After kicking around a few years creating dark, sexy, creepy,and surreal pieces, I've decided to branch out and bring my flair for the eccentric to the world of commerce.


My specialties are Fine Art Portraiture, Fashion, Art Reproduction, and photos of shiny, cool or expensive objects of all sorts. Having taken myriad photos of punk, indie, and alternative musicians for decades, I'm equally crazy about capturing the essence of an event, show, performance etc. Heck, I even once had bragging rights as the first photo you'd see after typing 'Emo' into Google. Andy Radin's used my photo of the band Still Life smack dab on the intro page.


Dubious distinction? Perhaps. Noteworthy? Totally.



" You don't take a photograph, you make it. "
Ansel Adams


Shooting at Immaculate Piercing, 2015. photo by Sarah Wooten.





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